ABS Avalanche Airbags - the airbag for freeriding

ABS Avalanche Airbags

The Avalanche backpack from ABS Peter Aschauer GmbH, also known as ABS avalanche airbags, have become indispensable equipment for freeriding off-piste. Driven by a passion for winter sports, the German market leader ABS has dedicated itself to avalanche safety and developed a safety system - the ABS avalanche airbags - that significantly increases survival chances in avalanche situations. Along with standard safety equipment, like an avalanche safety set with beacon, avalanche shovels and avalanche probes, these days more and more freeriders, ski tourers and snowshoers swear by ABS avalanche airbags. You could very well say that for skiing and snowboarding off-piste, ABS avalanche airbags have become equivalent to an airbag in your car.

Why ABS avalanche airbags make sense

It should first be noted that: ABS avalanche airbags won't help you to avoid an avalanche and they also won't help you save a friend in an avalanche! ABS avalanche airbags will, however, greatly improve your chances. ABS avalanche airbags cannot replace essential basic avalanche equipment, i.e. an avalanche safety set with beacon, avalanche shovel and snow probe. In addition to this, you should of course have a sound knowledge of avalanche danger and risk management precautions, when you are travelling off-piste and in avalanche prone terrain. ABS avalanche airbags consist of ABS TwinBags attached on both sides of the body, which ensure that the wearer will end up in a horizontal position if buried in an avalanche. This prevents the body from getting held under the mass of flowing snow and buried. The side airbags also protect the victim from serious injuries. In the event of an emergency, when an avalanche is triggered and you are wearing the ABS Avalanche Airbag, the ABS Avalanche backpack will increase your buoyancy in a critical avalanche situation. Once the avalanche is spent, the ABS avalanche airbags will be visible on the surface of the snow. The ABS Avalanche backpack enables a quick rescue for yourself and your companions. When activated, the avalanche airbags also reduce the risk of injury and ensure that the an avalanche victim will not be completely buried. ABS avalanche airbags are the only self-rescue system that has consistently saved lives over the years.

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