Kids trousers for skiing and building snowmen

Ski Trousers for Kids

The most practical item of clothing for the little snow-bunnies is the snowsuit, which will keep them comfortably warm in the snow. Enclosed ski suits mean that cold and wet have no chance of getting into their clothes, so they will be free to enjoy their winter fun. That's why ski trousers for kids are often designed as overalls with suspenders, since nothing is as uncomfortable for kids as snow in their ski pants.

For older boys and girls, who spend more time on the skis and less time playing in the snow, the higher ski trousers with bibs are both very warm and also practical, but not as important as they are for the little kids. On their first attempts at skiing or snowboarding, kids are much more likely to spend a lot of time sitting on their trouser seats or on their knees building snowmen or igloos.

Waterproof and robust thermal pants and snow pants for kids

With their insulation of synthetic fibre wadding or down lining, these snow trousers for kids will keep them comfortably warm even in icy temperatures. Combined with close-fitting ski-underwear, that shouldn't pinch or itch, these winter trousers for children are comfortable to wear even for long ski days.

When it comes to ski clothing for kids it is very important that ski pants or snowboard trousers are both waterproof and breathable. All kids' ski trousers and ski jackets have a certain basic level of protection against damp, but if they are sitting or kneeling a lot, simple materials will be pushed to their limits by the pressure and body weight and moisture can get in. On the other hand, premium ski trousers for kids are made out of waterproof fabrics and have extra reinforcement in hard-wearing areas.

Comfortable and modern ski trousers for the boys and girls

Good snow pants for kids should be made from the best quality materials using the highest standards, and should also fit well, be comfortable and look good. Companies, like Vaude, Marmot or Bergans, with experience in making skiing and outdoor clothing for kids focus on comfortable cuts, which are not too tight-fitting, but also not too loose. Ski trousers which are too tight limit kids' freedom of movement too much and are uncomfortable; snow trousers which are two loose often lose their insulating properties.

Just like gloves and beanies for kids, ski trousers are available in a variety of designs and colours. From fun prints and solid colours to high visibility neons, the ski companies offer kids and teens a huge range of choices and countless combination possibilities. But protection from wet, wind and cold should be the first consideration when choosing kids' ski trousers, and the style should be second.

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