Hiking shorts for trekking tours and mountain hikes.

Hiking Shorts

During summer in the Alps, short climbing trousers are part of every hikes base gear - just as important as walking shoes and backpacks. On long trekking tours lightweight trekking shorts also make for a useful addition to longer walking trousers. Combined with the often chequered outdoor shirts or a breathable sport shirt, hiking shorts are some of the most popular items of clothing in the Alps and other hiking regions.

The exceptional ventilation and the low weight of short outdoor shorts ensure a high wearing comfort. These short functional shorts are thus perfect even for extended and demanding hikes. Outdoor specialists such as Lundhags, Fjällräven or Maloja offer a great selection of various designs, materials and colours in their ranges. These specialists have years of experience and know exactly what's needed to design a functional set of shorts and how to choose the best material.

Breathable functional shorts

Hiking shorts don't need to be waterproof. Instead, the material should dry quickly when wet. In heavy rain, most hikers will use walking umbrellas or waterproof overpants made of breathable materials such as Gore-Tex. As with base layers, the walking shorts must have good breathability or they will create a vapour barrier underneath the hardshell trousers. A water repellent and dirt resistant treatment will help make the shorts more resilient and easier to care for.

Zip trousers or zip-off trousers are also very popular with hikers. Long outdoor trousers can thus be changed into hiking shorts within seconds. In fickle weather and large temperature divides this isn't just handy, but also saves on carried weight.

Comfortable hiking shorts

Hiking shorts must fit perfectly and offer optimal freedom of movement. Trail shorts must neither pinch nor chafe even on longer tours or steep inclines. That's why hiking shorts are preferably made of elastic materials and using comfortable cuts.

Short hiking trousers are often fitted with a multitude of pockets and many practical features. Side pockets with secure zip or button closures are especially popular here. Belt loops also feature in many outdoor shorts. Unlike hiking trousers with elastic waistbands, those with belts sit more securely, especially over longer walks. For active use whilst trail and mountain running, trail shorts ensure a greater freedom of movement on the move, however.

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