Clear vision with running glasses

Running Glasses

You don't need much for a good a training run - good shoes, functional clothing, swift feet and of course protective running glasses! Sports glasses are much more than just sunglasses. High performance lenses protect your eyes against harmful UV radiation, increase contrast perception and improve your vision. At the same time they also provide effective protection against flying dirt and insects. Whether you use them for a triathlon, a trail run or simply your morning jog, running glasses provide you with clear vision. What makes a good pair of running glasses? How do I choose the right lenses? What kind of frame do I need? Questions which are not difficult to answer.

Running glasses can do a lot for you

Modern running glasses are designed with performance in mind and high-performance lenses are the heart of any good pair of running glasses. Lenses are divided into so-called lens categories. These indicate which light situation the tint is suited to. Different colors increase your contrast perception. Mirrored lenses improve your vision in fading light. Photochromic lenses adapt to quickly changing light conditions and adjust their tint. Just like a chameleon. When buying your eyewear you should also make sure it has the necessary UV protection. The products carry seals with information about UV protection.

Trail glasses come with lenses that are particularly resistant to impact and scratches. This is to give your eyes the best protection against flying stones and annoying flies. In case something should break on your running glasses or your activities should require a different tint, there is no need to panic. A lot of eyewear is compatible with interchangeable lenses. Non-slip temples keep your running glasses where they belong even during intense physical activities and ventilated frames prevent your lenses from fogging.

Handy hardshell cases protect your running glasses from damage and scratches when being carried in your backpack. Whether it's for trail running or training runs, if you are looking for reliable protection for your eyes and clear vision, Julbo, Oakley, Uvex and the other well-known brands have what you are looking for.

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