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Illustration of Gore-Tex Active clothing items.
GORE-TEX® Active products are perfect for high-intensity aerobic outdoor activities.

Thanks to the efficient weather protection it provides, the GORE-TEX® Active laminate is the ideal solution for physically demanding endurance sports in cool and changeable weather conditions. This fabric has been specifically designed for highly aerobic outdoor activities and is characterised by a high level of breathability, its low weight and a small pack size.

This makes GORE-TEX® Active the perfect fabric for producing windproof, waterproof and breathable outdoor clothing geared toward athletes who want to move as easily and quickly as possible in the wilderness or up in the mountains. The efficiency of the extremely breathable GORE-TEX® Active fabric really shines during fast-pace, high-intensity sports like trail running, running, ski touring, cross-country skiing and cycling – be it road cycling or mountain biking.

A waterproof laminate with Next-To-Skin comfort

Illustration of the Gore-Tex Active layer construction.
With the GORE-TEX® Active laminate, the liner and membrane are directly connected to each other, guaranteeing comfort, optimum breathability and vapour permeability.

The ultra-thin membrane in the GORE-TEX® Active laminate has a microporous structure that allows water vapour molecules to escape through its pores to the outside. Because these pores are much smaller than water droplets, the GORE-TEX® membrane is also impervious to rain, giving you a waterproof garment that will keep you dry, even when it’s really bucketing it down.

With the GORE-TEX® Active laminate, the liner and membrane are directly connected to each other, guaranteeing comfort, optimum breathability and vapour permeability. GORE calls this Next-To-Skin, a technology designed to reduce the amount of sweat underneath the fabric.

Lightweight functional apparel for aerobic activities

A Gore-Tex Active clothing item.
The Haglöfs Gram Comp Jacket Men comes complete with a GORE-TEX® Active laminate, so it’s both lightweight and breathable.

GORE-TEX® Active products are the perfect solution for strenuous endurance sports and changeable weather conditions. The high breathability (RET<3) and reliable weather protection provided by these fabrics allow athletes to keep their GORE-TEX® Active hardshell jackets on without sacrificing comfort. Even if you’re anticipating sunny and milder conditions, the Next-To-Skin technology will ensure that you stay dry and comfortable at all times. As a result, you won’t have to keep taking your jacket off and putting it back on again.

In order to achieve the low weight and high level of breathability GORE-TEX® Active garments are known for, GORE uses lightweight fabrics for the outer material. These fine high-performance fabrics feature an excellent weight-to-strength ratio, however GORE-TEX® Active fabrics have nowhere near the level of durability that GORE-TEX® Pro laminates are known for. In other words, whilst a GORE-TEX® Active jacket isn’t suitable for wear with heavy trekking backpacks, the functional fabric is durable enough to withstand the load of a light day pack or hydration bladder, even when used on a regular basis or during very intense physical activity.

Get the most out of GORE-TEX® Active with proper care and the right functional base layers

Thanks to the use of Next-To-Skin technology, you can wear GORE-TEX® Active fabrics right up against your skin and still feel nice and dry, so you get to choose whether you wear a short-sleeved or a long-sleeved base layer underneath the breathable hard shell. For your base layer, you want something that wicks away moisture quickly and efficiently, like high-quality functional base layers made from synthetic fabric, or a T-shirt made from merino wool. Depending on the outside temperature, you can also add a warm, breathable mid-layer.

Due to the amount of sweat the body produces during aerobic activities and how dirty that sweat makes your jacket, it is extremely important to wash, care and reproof GORE-TEX® Active clothing on a regular basis. This will keep their microporous structures free of any contaminates and maintain their high level of breathability for a long time to come.

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