GORE-TEX® PRO: built for the extremes

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Illustration of Gore-Tex Pro products.
GORE-TEX® Pro is just the thing when the going gets tough. It offers maximum weather protection and is extremely durable.

When you’re out and about in extreme conditions, GORE-TEX® Pro offers maximum weather protection and the highest level of durability. Be it sharp rock on a mountaineering adventure, heavy snowfall on a ski day or heavy rains on a long trek, the most durable of all GORE-TEX® fabrics is built to withstand it all. It is made for activities and weather conditions that would cause most other materials to eventually fail.

If you combine a GORE-TEX® Pro hardshell jacket with a pair of GORE-TEX® Pro trousers, you’re guaranteed to be comfortable and protected from wind and water. In fact, this combo is so comfortable that it is perfect for longer trips, regardless of whether they extend over multiple days or multiple weeks. You can always rely on functional garments engineered with GORE-TEX® Pro, even in the most difficult conditions.

Extremely strong and optimally sealed

Illustration of the Gore Tex Pro layer construction.
GORE-TEX® Pro products boast a 3-layer construction, consisting of a membrane bonded to the outer material and the lining.

The combination of the microporous GORE-TEX® membrane and the support material is then referred to as a laminate, and an extremely tough one at that. Both the lining and the outer material used for GORE-TEX® Pro garments are extremely durable, so you can be sure that they’re built to last. As a result, any wear and tear caused by repeated contact with rock and ice or simply carrying a heavy pack on a long trek or approach to your favourite crag won’t damage the material or the membrane.

To ensure that these functional textiles have no weak spots when it comes to the waterproof protection they provide, all seams on GORE-TEX® fabrics are sealed with Gore-Seam Tape. This prevents moisture getting in through the seams, even during periods of intense and prolonged rainfall. The patented seam-sealing technique is a basic GORE technology used in every GORE-TEX® Pro product – with absolutely no exceptions.

Breathability and sport

GORE-TEX® Pro is not just designed for extreme weather and the most rugged conditions, but it actually allows outdoor adventurers and mountain athletes to perform to their full potential under the most extreme of conditions as well. Regardless of whether you’re on an expedition, multi-week trek or multi-day mountain or ski tour, you need excellent breathability in addition to durability and weather protection.

Thus, the laminate with the microporous membrane offers very good water vapour permeability as well. When compared to GORE-TEX® membranes designed for highly aerobic activities, like trail running, GORE-TEX® Pro has a slightly lower level of breathability. However, this is by no means a downside. In fact, this results in the perfect combo of vapour permeability and laminate strength. GORE-TEX® Pro prevents a build-up of sweat, thereby providing maximum comfort during physical activities. Plus, GORE-TEX® Pro is so efficient that it is guaranteed to maintain the same level of comfort when you’re alternating between physically demanding activities and recovery phases.

Tested for extreme conditions

An outdoor clothing item with the Gore-Tex Pro Technology.
The Alpha SV Jacket from Arc’teryx with GORE-TEX® Pro technology.

To meet their performance standards out on the trails and up in the mountains, GORE has developed extreme testing procedures to put their weatherproof hardshell jacket and trousers to the ultimate test. In these tests, they challenge their fabrics by simulating long, heavy rains with strong winds to ensure that the products can withstand the harsh environments they’ve been made for. Only when the GORE-TEX® Pro garment withstands the vertical and horizontal shower GORE throws at it, will the design of the garment be worn by athletes who then test the GORE-TEX® garment out in the mountains under extreme everyday conditions.

Do keep in mind that optimum breathability is only guaranteed by combining functional underwear and mid-layers that support the vapour permeability. In order to ensure that GORE-TEX® Pro garments perform to their potential, it is essential that all layers of garment draw moisture away from the body. The proper care of GORE-TEX® garments is also crucial for maintaining breathability and durability.

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Alpinetrek-Expert Guest author

Alpinetrek-Expert Guest author

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  1. Hallo Borsini,

    meine Freundin und ich haben auch beide eine GoreTex Pro Jacke (ich Berghaus, sie NorthFace) und wir beide beobachten das gleiche Phänomen des Eindringens von Wasser an den Schultern. Anwenden der Pflegehinweise hat die Situation nicht verbessert. Die Jacken wurden drei Monate exzessiv genutzt mit 20 kg Rucksack und sie sind ebenfalls bereits drei Jahre alt. Mir wurde auch von drei Händlern versichert, dass das Material dicht sein muss. Ich vermute gerade, dass die Nähte die Schwachstelle sind und frage mich, ob man diese gezielt reparieren lassen kann. Vielleicht gibt es jemanden, der das Problem anders hat lösen können.

    LG Bastien

  2. Ich habe die 3-Lagen Gore-Tex Pro Shell, Extrem, Jacke von Berghaus. Ich habe sie 3 Jahre und noch nicht gewaschen und durch schweren Rucksack gehen die ersten Wassertropfen an den Schultern in das Obermaterial. Wie soll ich die Jacke am besten imprägnieren? Erst waschen? Mit welcher Temperatur? Mit welchem Imprägnierspray?
    Liebe Grüße

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