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GORE-TEX® PACLITE®: Product technology for every day

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GORE-TEX® PACLITE® product technology is engineered to be extremely lightweight and packable.

An illustration of the GORE-TEX® PACLITE® technology characteristics.
Extremely lightweight without compromising efficiency

Plus, it has the full functionality of the microporous ePTFE membrane and provides excellent protection from wind and rain. Amazingly, the same pores that prevent water and wind from getting in are just large enough for moisture vapour to pass through, so you’ll get that legendary breathability as well.

Hardshell jackets and trousers engineered with GORE-TEX® PACLITE® product technology offer excellent weather protection for travel, free-time activities, several outdoor sports and even everyday wear. These garments are the ideal solution for hiking, cycling or skiing in unpredictable weather conditions. Not only do they take up very little room in your pack, but they also provide reliable windproof and waterproof protection. Clothing engineered with GORE-TEX® PACLITE® product technology is extremely lightweight and saves space without compromising windproof and waterproof protection.

GORE-TEX® PACLITE® construction and technology

An illustration of the GORE-TEX® PACLITE® product technology 2-layer construction.
GORE-TEX® PACLITE® product technology is a special 2-layer construction.

The core of the special 2-layer laminate is the expanded PTFE membrane. This wafer-thin layer is the heart of GORE-TEX® outerwear, giving the garments the breathability, windproof and waterproof protection they’re known for. The membrane is bonded to a tough outer shell material made of nylon or durable polyester.

While other GORE-TEX® laminates, such as GORE-TEX® Pro or GORE-TEX® Active have a backer on the inside that protects the membrane and adds comfort, products with GORE-TEX® PACLITE® product technology do not. The lack of this backer reduces the weight of the final product. To keep the interior and the membrane protected from dirt and damage, a protective layer made of an oleophobic (oil hating) substance and carbon covers that side of the membrane.

Plus, they use special GORE-SEAM® tape technology to ensure that all seams on their waterproof jackets and trousers are really completely waterproof. This allows GORE to guarantee that all clothing equipped with GORE-TEX® technology will stay dry on the interior and is able to withstand bad weather conditions even if used intensely and exposed to continuous rainfall.


Beta SL Jacket from Arc’teryx
The Beta SL Jacket from Arc’teryx is a hardshell jacket with GORE-TEX® PACLITE® product technology. It offers the best possible protection from the elements and is extremely breathable as well.

Even though both GORE-TEX® laminates are lightweight and have a small pack size, GORE-TEX® Active is more tailored to highly-aerobic activities. The GORE-TEX® PACLITE® product technology, on the other hand, is great for hill walking, travelling and as a casual option for every day. While GORE-TEX® Active is soft and offers great next-to-skin comfort with a more fabric-like feel to the interior, the inside of GORE-TEX® PACLITE® product technology is much smoother. In terms of breathability, though, both laminates score incredibly high, with the GORE-TEX® Active membrane being more efficient during highly aerobic activities. However, jackets and trousers with GORE-TEX® PACLITE® product technology are stronger and more durable.

Functional underwear and proper care

To ensure that the breathability of garments with GORE-TEX® PACLITE® product technology works properly, the layers of clothing underneath should have good good water vapour permeability as well. The ideal solution is to wear a base layer made of synthetic fibres or merino wool. Cotton does not wick away moisture well, to say the least. It’s also important to pay attention to the drying properties and water vapour permeability of insulating mid-layers made of fleece or elastic synthetic fabrics to ensure that the membrane can function to its full potential.

To preserve the microporous structure of the membrane, it is of utmost importance to clean and care for your GORE-TEX® jacket or trousers on a regular basis. Otherwise, the little pores will eventually get clogged up. The garment will remain windproof and waterproof, but a build-up of dirt could have a negative effect on the breathability of the fabric. But, with proper care, GORE-TEX® PACLITE® product technology is guaranteed to last for a long time, while maintaining a high level of breathability.

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Alpinetrek-Expert Guest author

Alpinetrek-Expert Guest author

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  1. Hallo, ist GORE-TEX® PACLITE® belastbar, z.B. beim Trekking mit schwerem Rucksack über einen längeren Zeitraum? Merci

  2. Hallo

    Und wo genau liegen jetzt die Unterschiede zwischen dem alten und der neuen plus Variante?

    Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße

  3. Hallo Lukas,

    PacLite ist nur eingeschränkt rucksacktauglich, das neue PacLite-Plus geht bis zu einem Rucksackgewicht von 6-7 Kilogramm, deutlich darüber müsste es dann ein dreilagiges Laminat aus GoreTex-Pro sein.

    Viele Grüße,


  4. Hallo Michel,

    Paclite Plus hat einen höhere Fadenstärke und ist dadurch abriebfester als das alte Paclite. Hier kannst Du dann auch einmal einen Rucksack mit 5-6 Kilogramm tragen, ohne das Außenmaterial zu beschädigen.

    Wassersäule und Atmungsaktivität sind aber identisch geblieben.

    Viele Grüße,


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