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Material Info Polartec Fabrics - Impossible Made Possible
Polartec Fabrics – Impossible Made Possible

True nature lovers and mountaineers don’t let bad weather stop them from pursuing their passions. Even if it’s windy, cold and rainy, they will still go out on their big adventure. There’s actually a great advantage to going out in such weather: you won’t encounter too many people, so you’ll have the mountains or trails all to yourself. It’s worth experiencing this from time to time.

Of course, if you’re going out in unfavourable weather conditions, you’ll need the appropriate clothing. Your clothes should be warm, wind and water-repellent, breathable and comfortable. With such clothes, you can have a great day, even if the sun doesn’t come out from behind the clouds.

High-quality functional fabrics from Polartec

According to the manufacturer, there is a great abundance of clothes that’ll keep you warm. Products made of Polartec are especially good at this. When shopping for fleece clothing, you can’t go wrong with Polartec. Nowadays, their range includes an enormous variety of different functional fabrics for a wide range of applications. You’ll be able to find the right garment for every sport and any weather. These clothes are built to protect you against the elements, so you can take on your upcoming challenge no matter what.

High elasticity with Power Stretch

Polartec Power Stretch
Polartec Power Stretch

If you’re in the market for a very elastic fabric, Polartec Power Stretch is the way to go. When doing sports that require lots of movement, it’s important to remain as agile as possible. You need to remain mobile and shouldn’t be constricted by your clothes.

In addition to being elastic, Power Stretch has moisture-wicking properties, so your sweat will be transported away to the outside. It’s also breathable, so you won’t overheat even when you’re pushing yourself.

NeoShell for air circulation

When doing strenuous activities, having breathable clothing is crucial. This will stop heat from accumulating inside, preventing you from sweating excessively. NeoShell consists of a polyurethane membrane. Its porous material allows the air to circulate through. This circulation occurs even when you aren’t moving.So, you’ll stay cool even when you’re taking a small break. NeoShell is also water repellent, so it will protect you against the rain and moisture.

Polartec Power Dry absorbs excess moisture

Polartec Power Dry
Polartec Power Dry

Power Dry from Polartec has a somewhat different system. It falls under the so-called next-to-skin fabric category. This means that garments made of this fabric are meant to be worn directly on the skin. To be more specific, the material is mainly used for jerseys, shirts, trousers and base layers. The fabric is designed to absorb excess moisture, keeping the skin dry. Moisture is wicked away to the outside, regardless of the weather and the amount of movement. This is further supported by the recesses in the material that create small air channels.

In addition, this material has a warming effect in colder temperatures, which works similar to a wetsuit. An air cushion is created between the skin and the fabric, keeping a constant temperature using your body heat.

Polartec Power Wool is made of merino wool and synthetic fibres

Another breathable fabric includes Polartec Power Wool. Here, the focus is on using a high-quality material blend of merino wool and synthetic fibres. The use of the synthetic fibre compensates for small defects in the wool that occur naturally and enhances the properties of the natural fibre. The material has high moisture management properties and is breathable. In addition, Power Wool dries quickly. So once it gets damp, it won’t take long for the garment to dry and be ready to be worn again. The fabric also has natural odour-inhibiting properties. This will prevent sweaty odours during strenuous activities.

Windy? That’s not a problem with Polartec Windbloc

JACK WOLFSKIN Blizzard Full Zip - Softshell Jacket
JACK WOLFSKIN-Blizzard Full Zip – Softshell jacket with Polartec Windbloc Shell

As the name suggests, Windbloc is designed to keep out cold draughts. The material is also water repellent, making it perfect for adventures on rainy and stormy days. It can also get quite chilly in such weather, so the fabric was designed to keep your body  warm at all times and prevent you from cooling down too much.

Despite the wind protective properties, the material is very breathable and allows the air to flow through.

With such a variety of materials and textiles, Polartec lets you tackle any outdoor challenge in bad weather conditions with a smile on your face. When you have the right clothes, you won’t need to miss out on doing your favourite activity, be it mountaineering, hill walking, climbing or cycling. Polartec textiles are also great for everyday life. On a rainy day, a water-repellent Polartec jacket with breathable properties will work wonders.

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