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We are delighted to announce that Alpinetrek has become the first outdoor retailer and the fourth company ever to be awarded the ‘Save our Returns’ seal. The seal confirms the responsible handling of returns and highlights our ongoing efforts to prevent returns. Following a comprehensive audit by an independent auditor of the accredited certification company DQS GmbH, the Save our Returns seal was awarded. In this blog post, you will find out how we at Alpinetrek deal with returns and what criteria we must meet to be awarded the Save our Returns seal.

Returns: the fewer, the better!

Returns on the conveyor belt
Returns are part of online retailing …

Germany is the European champion when it comes to returns. Around 56 per cent of all goods ordered online were returned in 2023. Unfortunately, this title is no cause for celebration, as each return has a negative impact on the environment and climate, particularly through transport and packaging. This makes us want to think hard about the issue of returns. Here is our top priority: we want to avoid returns wherever possible. However, it’s not possible to avoid every single return. Most of us have experienced this: your order arrives, but the item doesn’t fit or isn’t what you expected. Unfortunately, returns are a common part of online retail. That’s why we at Alpinetrek not only avoid returns, but also handle them responsibly. One thing is certain: destroying returns is not an option for us. All returned items are carefully inspected, evaluated, repackaged and resold 

In order to make our procedures and the measures we take to avoid returns transparent, we have decided to have our returns management audited by an independent organisation. We are pleased to announce that our returns policy meets the requirements of the Save our Returns seal.

Strict criteria – independently tested

To be awarded the Save our Returns seal, retailers must meet strict criteria in two areas: returns processes and transparency/customer awareness. To verify that we meet the criteria in the returns process, an audit was carried out by a government-certified environmental auditor at our partner Rhenus, which handles our company’s returns. This allowed the auditor to get an accurate picture of our returns handling on site and to evaluate our process from receipt of returns to processing and resale. To assess the criteria in the area of transparency/customer awareness, we explained to the auditor how we inform our customers about the returns process and the environmental impact, among other things. We have also outlined the steps we are taking to help our customers choose the right product (e.g. size guides, detailed product images and comprehensive descriptions) to prevent returns in the first place.

Review of returns
We check all returns carefully

The result of the comprehensive audit: we meet the required criteria and can therefore be awarded the Save our Returns seal. We at Alpinetrek go well beyond the minimum legal requirements and make the responsible handling of returns transparent and visible. However, this is not a reason for us to just sit back. On the contrary, we will continue to work to avoid avoidable returns.

Would you like to know exactly what our returns process looks like? You can find a detailed blog post about this here (only available in German): 

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