Welcome to the Berta Block in Berlin

Berta Block in Berlin

It’s pretty cool being the main sponsor of an event like the HardMoves Boulder League. You get free tickets for the final, you get to see all the preparation up close and personal, you get to have your say about certain things and you meet a bunch of super nice, interesting athletes, hall operators, sponsors and people in general. What you can’t do is participate. So that’s why we here at Bergfreunde thought, why not befriend a bouldering gym and accompany them throughout the duration of the tournament. That way we can experience the tournament from the point of view of the participants and join in in our own little way.

An awesome Boulder cup is upon us, probably the biggest and best in Europe. Although at Bergfreunde we are able to play our part as main sponsor and make the tournament possible we can’t take part, because we are not a bouldering gym and more importantly, we wouldn’t have enough decent boulderers. Our CEO Matthias would have undoubtedly stepped in, but to be honest, he feels more at home on a glacier than he does on plastic grips. I can’t carry a team on my own (just kidding), my colleague Sebastian is too shy and when Steffen steps up we worry if the wall will still be standing by the time he’s done (he tends to destroy either himself or the apparatus).

You should take advantage of breaks from filming

Why Berta Block?

Because Bergfreunde and the Berta Block simply go well together. It is a wonderful bouldering gym, they have funny ideas and they are perfect for HardMoves.

What role do Bergfreunde play?

We are accompanying the Berta Block throughout the summer, during their preparations for the tournament, during qualification, the regional battle and hopefully as far as the final and super final. So you (and we) can see what a gym goes through when participating in HardMoves.


Who are the Block Biester?

A training group for women. In Berlin there are more high-performing male boulderers than there are female boulderers. So we here at Bergfreunde thought we’d do something to even the scales in the capital and have set up a female training group to get the Berlin girls in shape for HardMoves in the autumn. Training takes place twice a week under the guidance of coaches and with the help of training programs. Workshops are planned and a trip to climb on real rocks is also on the cards (quite a complicated thing in Berlin). Berta are taking care of the training and Bergfreunde are providing equipment and of course, mental support and will be documenting the whole thing on video so you can also get an insight. Find out exactly who the Block Biester are in our next video series.

What will there be to see in the future?

Bergfreunde - Berta Block - HardMoves

We’ll keep you up to date with the Berta, the Block Biester and Bergfreunde in the coming months. There are videos about the state of the training group, some classy bouldering photos, background information on Berta and the team who will be bolting the boulders and of course, HardMoves itself.

Where to find the info

Either in the articles here at base camp, on Facebook or on our own nice little HardMoves Boulder League site on our online shop. On this site you will find all the Bergfreunde HardMoves videos, photos of the official Boulder League events and from the Berta Block, information on the tournament and much more. Just take a look. Photos in this post courtesy of Fabian Klindt from

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