Running in the rain with weatherproof Gore-Tex trainers

Gore-Tex trainers

Whether trainers should be equipped with a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane or runners would rather go without the membrane depends on many individual factors. Running shoes without Gore-Tex are generally better ventilated and often lighter too. They are well-suited for running in dry weather and short runs on wet ground or in light rain.

If you're not afraid of a bit of wet weather while trail running but want to keep your feet dry on muddy tracks and in wet fields, waterproof trail running shoes are highly advisable. Many running shoe brands like Salomon, adidas or La Sportiva offer trainers with and without a Gore-Tex membrane.

Waterproof Gore-Tex trainers for all-season use

Particularly in the autumn and winter, when rain, mud and snow can quickly lead to wet feet whilst running, lightweight waterproof running shoes are perfect for running on terrain and asphalt. In the spring and summer, runners often select their shoes based on the weather. For short, intensive bursts, they might choose a breathable running shoe without a membrane.

On longer runs with wet shoes, this can quickly become uncomfortable. Thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane, the running shoes stay dry for longer. Many companies opt for the lightweight and breathable Gore-Tex Extended Comfort variant. Its optimised design offers the best vapour permeability of all Gore-Tex shoes. Many runners choose not to wear weatherproof Gore-Tex trousers and wear only a lightweight Gore-Tex running jacket, even in rainy weather, eventually resulting in water running down their legs into their shoes. In comparison, running shoes without a membrane would already be completely soaked by this point.

Gore-Tex trail runners for women and men

Running shoe companies offer plenty of trail running shoes in various styles for men and women with Gore-Tex weather protection. When it comes to normal jogging and running shoes for races, triathlons and road running, shoes without a waterproof membrane are more common.

Whether you are an occasional runner, ambitious amateur or experienced pro - most runners have more than just one pair of running shoes and select their footwear according to the route, weather and distance of the run. In practice, this raises the question: “Do I wear my Gore-Tex running shoes or not?”

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