Short-sleeved shirts made of merino wool and synthetic fibres

Short-sleeved Shirts

Base layers are the warm layer of clothing worn directly against the skin, which provide a comfortable feel and optimum moisture wicking. Base layer undershirts are available with long and short sleeves. The sporty T-shirts are also available without sleeves in the form of functional tank tops.

In most cases, base layers are made of merino wool or synthetic fibres. Functional silk base layers are relatively unusual. Meanwhile, several companies also offer efficient mixed fabrics that are exceptionally breathable and dimensionally stable. Base layer pants are available from popular brands like Icebreaker, Ortovox or Rewoolution, often in matching designs to go with base layer undershirts. Usually, there are also a large number of combination options available, for example, with short legs and long sleeves, or long legs and short sleeves.

Odourless, comfortable and breathable base layers

Merino base layers are especially popular among hikers and mountaineers, because the high-quality wool is almost completely odourless and exceptionally warm, depending on thickness. Synthetic base layers enable even more effective moisture wicking and dry extremely quickly. Elastic sports undershirts made of synthetic fibres guarantee maximum freedom of movement during outdoor sports, and are also popular with trail runners and cyclists.

Functional undershirts are usually worn as a tight-fitting base layer. The ideal fit of the base layers is highly insulating and optimally wicks moisture to the outside. The intermediate and outer layers, of course, should support moisture wicking and breathability just as effectively.

At higher temperatures, hikers, climbers and outdoor sports enthusiasts like to wear sport shirts in looser cuts. Short undershirts that dry quickly in the summer are particularly popular. A wet cotton T-shirt takes a long time to dry completely, and so has a tendency to harbour odours after exercise. A high-quality merino wool sport shirt keeps you feeling fresh even after several days of hillwalking, climbing, bouldering and mountaineering.

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