Always in the fast lane with road bikes

Road Bikes

If you want to combine sports and the rush of speed with enjoyable tours through beautiful landscapes, a road bike is exactly what you need. As long as the road surface is in relatively good shape, a road bike is a reliable companion on every tour, be it through flat lowlands or steep mountain passes. Everything is possible. However, in order to make your road bike ride an unforgettable experience, you should choose the right equipment: Components, frames, and accessories have to be suitable for your purposes.

Every road bike is different

This diversity already becomes obvious if we look at the frame: Frames for touring and racing significantly differ in their geometry. The aggressive sitting position on a racing frame allows you to challenge competitors while touring frames offer a lot more comfort for longer distances. Road bike frames also come in different materials: From ultralight carbon frames over aluminium and titan frames to hybrids with carbon forks, everything is possible. It is very important to choose the size of the frame in accordance with the height and geometry of your body in order to prevent problems with your back or inefficient pedaling. Road bikes from manufacturers like Ridley are available in different geometrical designs, sizes, and frame heights (indicated in inches). No matter what you need, everything is available.
Most often, the components of a road bike determine its quality. As is the case with mountain bikes, most road bike gear shifts are produced by Shimano and cover a wide range of weight and quality classes. In order to maintain a perfect cadence and thus a low energy consumption, the gear ratio must be adapted to the area of application. A high ratio as used in plains results in higher gears and allows you to pedal comfortably and relaxed at high speeds. In the mountains, a low ratio is recommendable as the gears are easier and save you a lot of energy when moving along slowly. Wheels with standard or aerodynamic spokes as well as high-performance brakes are the icing on your road bike cake.

Road Bikes

Buy a road bike, hop on, and ride into the sunset?

Why not? If you don't mind a lack of head protection, a sore backside, and not knowing what to do in case of a flat tire, then go ahead. However, as a matter of fact, a safe cycling tour requires some time for planning and choosing the right equipment. Road bike helmets and cycling glasses are compulsory for they protect you from head injuries and keep insects from flying into your eyes. Cycling pants pad your backside appropriately and protect you from unpleasant pressure and abrasion marks. Cycling backpacks adapt to your sitting position and offer space for emergency equipment. Road bike shoes with cleats allow you to pedal effectively and reduce the loss of power to a minimum. They can be attached to compatible pedals by means of a click system. Cycling jerseys and road bike jackets are the perfect wear for sitting in a bent-over position and available for different weather conditions.

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