High quality wool underwear makes for the perfect base layer.

Wool Underwear

If the phrase wool underwear summons images of itchy, home knitted underpants and under shirts, then you couldn't be further from the truth. Wool underwear makes for heavy duty base layers that will live up to the high demands of outdoor sports. In icy temperatures, wool underwear makes for warming insulation. In sweaty activities, wool underwear protects the body against heat stroke.

Why wool underwear of all things?

Regardless of whether you're walking, hiking on the mountain or climbing: Wool underwear offers several advantageous properties that make it the perfect companion for outdoor sports. When the going gets tough, wool underwear will ensure effective temperature regulation for the body. High quality wool underwear will thus protect you against getting too hot on the one hand, and from getting too cold on the other.

Another important factor for outdoor sports: Wool underwear is very soft on the skin and offers great wearing comfort. Neither pinching nor chafing will get in the way you having fun with your favourite hobby. They also offer very good freedom of movement and at no point inhibit mobility during sports activities.

Merino wool - The Miracle Fibre for Wool Underwear

Wool underwear made of Merino is truly fit for all purposes. Besides a high thermal output and breathability, this type of wool underwear offers many properties that make it worth a look for outdoor sports people.

Merino wool is a very fine type of fibre. For this reason Merino wool underwear is incredibly thin and feels almost like a second skin. This ensures great wearing comfort. The antimicrobial properties of Merino wool also ensure that this type of wool underwear does not retain any unwanted odours. And so, even on long tours, sweaty stench build ups do not stand a chance. Another advantage is that Merino wool underwear does not lose its insulating properties even when wet and will always keep you warm. On top of that, Merino wool is easy to clean and fast-drying, two properties that will prove invaluable for anyone who spends a lot of time on the trail.

Wool underwear is essential for touring!

Regardless of whether it's a long sleeve shirt, base layer or functional leggings - wool underwear belongs in any outdoor sports person's wardrobe. Using the onion layering system, it will perform exceptionally as a base layer beneath the outdoor clothing. When clad in a warm outdoor jacket, a fleece jumper and comfortable wool underwear, you can give even the iciest temperatures the cold shoulder. Wool underwear therefore offers everything an outdoor heart longs for.

Those who insist on the old prejudices of scratchy wool clothing will miss out on high quality, functional base layers that will easily meet all requirements of outdoor sports. So get going! Put on some warm wool underwear beneath and head out!

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