Experience Nature by Trail Running

Trail Running

An unfiltered natural experience away from hiking paths or streets: trail running is becoming more and more popular - and rightly so! As good as an afternoon run on various terrains or even a demanding marathon can be, a trail run demands a lot from both the outdoor enthusiast and the equipment they carry. That is why it is important to have clothing and gear that can give their all in every situation, even under pressure. The range of high quality equipment for trail running is huge. There is everything you could need for action packed trails, from light running jackets and trail shoes all the way down to energy bars. It will be easy to find the perfect equipment for you with a mix of some expertise with your own preferences!

The Right Clothing for Trail Running

As we already said, clothing needs to perform well for trail running. You need a good base layer. Running underwear creates a functional base layer that absorbs and wicks sweat straight outwards as soon as it develops. This keeps the trail runner protected against streams of sweat whilst running. At the same time, this trail clothing also prevents your body from overheating. Breathable running trousers or running tights and a functional T-shirt make up the second layer. This also keeps your body from overheating if the weather is not as ideal as you'd hoped for. If the thermometer starts to sink to low depths, then you will need some more weather protection. A long sleeved sport shirt for trail running and a lightweight, water repellent running jacket will keep you dry from the outside and provides another bit of insulation. Running beanies protect your head and forehead against cold drafts and additionally provide wonderful sweat wicking and ventilation. Running gloves keep your hands warm. It is important and essential here, to have gloves - especially when touring with trekking poles - that have as much breathability as the rest of your trail running clothing.

Trail Running

One of the most important factors for a successful "run" are the trail running shoes. It is important here to note which terrain the running shoes are made for. A universal solution for beginners would be shoes that provide good grip on a variety of different terrains, and that also ensure good cushioning.

The Last Thing Needed for Successful Trail Running - the Equipment

There are special running glasses, whether you are facing sunny days or if you need protection against wind, weather and also flies, moths or little pebbles. Trail running backpacks should sit comfortably on the back. Breathable as well as padded shoulder straps and sit harnesses increase comfort whilst running and ventilated back panels prevent heat from accumulating inside. Some backpacks are also suitable for use with certain hydration bladders. This ensures you stay well hydrated when trail running.

Any time you are treading over hill and dale, whether on a forest run, in the mountains or anywhere else, Salomon, Inov8, Dynafit, La Sportiva and all other renowned trail running outfitters ensure a good flow! So get moving and start trail running. And thank us later!

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