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Backpacker Backpack

Whether you're heading off to South East Asia, to South America or even a trip around the world, a backpack for backpackers is an indispensable as well as a reliable companion from the airport to your mountain hut. A backpack for backpackers is either a travel backpack or just a walking backpack. After all backpackers a freedom-loving people who enjoy travelling from A to B as well as staying in one place for a while and then do tours into wild nature.
All the basics that you need to know about backpacks for backpacking are covered here. Looking for the right backpack for your adventure? Keep reading!

What are the general aspects to consider when you're looking for a backpack for backpackers?

A backpack for touring around the globe usually provides the advantages of walking or travel backpacks, depending on your personal preference. The classic walking backpack features a broad padded waist belt, a robust and comfortable carry system, as well as practical equipment details like a detachable lid compartment, a bottom compartment that can be separated, a front compartment, as well as front access and a rain cover. The volume of a backpack for backpackers like this is usually 60 to 80 litres for men and about 50 to 70 litres for women. The robust walking backpack with a cover is waterproof while you're touring outdoors even for longer periods of time and it offers perfect comfort even when you're carrying heavy loads. A backpack for backpackers in the variant of a walking backpack is suitable for heavy baggage, longer distances, treks and extreme stress especially.

A travel backpack is similar to a walking backpack because it has a large volume with a lid compartment, front access and a wide waist belt. However, this carry system is less suitable for extreme stress since its focus lies on transport. This is why travel backpacks provide details which should be added to a walking backpack optionally if its used as a backpack for backpacking. These are for example a detachable day-pack on the front which can be used for small day tours and shopping as well as an already integrated flight cover which also serves as a rain cover. In addition to that there are small details such as detachable waist belts or zips.

Backpacker Backpack

Other aspects regarding the choice of backpacks

A walking backpack used as a backpack for backpackers provides you with sporty equipment details such as additional attachments for equipment, pole carriers, pockets for your hydration system and water bottle and a carry system that offers freedom of movement. The backpack for backpackers as travel backpack is not as comfortable and rich in details. But it can be loaded and unloaded easier and has an outstanding price-performance ratio since it's already equipped with a flight cover and a daypack.
When it comes to choosing the dimensions of a suitable backpack for backpackers by Osprey, Deuter, Gregory, Lowe Alpine or Fjällräven just bring your equipment and try to fit it in the backpacks and go for a model with a slightly larger volume when in doubt.

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