Ajungilak - a good reputation never goes unnoticed


Relaxing sleep is Ajungilak's main business. The fact that this former traditional company is located in Norway leaves no doubt about their ability to produce sleeping bags for low temperatures. Ajungilak was established in 1855 and started out producing blankets and pillows. They quickly extended their production to similar products and eventually they started manufacturing the famous Ajungilak sleeping bags.

These sleeping bags represent high-end workmanship, are made of the best materials and offer unmatched comfort. Mammut took over the production of sleeping bags by Ajungilak in 2001. In the following years, many models were revised and received numerous accolades like the annual "Gear of the Year" award by the Outdoor Magazine, which the Swiss manufacturer received in three consecutive years.

Ajungilak - Norwegian craftsmanship with Swiss precision

Even though they are frequently referred to as Mammut sleeping bags nowadays, the sleeping bags have kept their original character and are officially sold under their old name Ajungilak to this day. However, the sleeping bags could still profit enormously from Swiss technical expertise.

Thus, all sleeping bags today are manufactured in a modern way and are come with ergonomic foot parts, 3-D contoured hoods, draft collars or in some variations even a waterproof outer membrane, just to name a few examples.

Ajungilak sleeping bags for any season

Sleeping under the stars is a special experience. How relaxing your sleep is significantly depends on whether you chose the right sleeping bag. That is why Ajungilak offers a great variety of sleeping bags:

  • Summer sleeping bags: They feature a low weight and small pack size. As the name suggests, they are mainly for use in summer, but they can also easily be used as cabin sleeping bag on a hiking tour. Ajungilak also offers down and synthetic fibre versions.
  • Three season sleeping bags: These can be used in spring and summer, as well as in autumn. Ajungilak offers several models that have received awards in this area.
  • Winter sleeping bags: Overnight stays in freezing cold environments are a unique experience. Ajungilak has also different models with a sufficient down or synthetic fibre filling in store for this scenario.

Another practical detail

Another small treat for cuddly touring partners: many Ajungilak sleeping bags can be connected via zip. That way you can make one comfortable place to sleep out of two Ajungilak sleeping bags!

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