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Functional, reliable ski clothing with a great look

Latest when winter and skiing season close in and the anticipation for immeasurably days of adventure in the snow increase, it is time for ski clothing! Then it does not matter if you take two planks or the board to the mountains. Whether on the slope, ski tours or Freeride skiing in the terrain - there is suitable ski clothing for each rider and for any purpose.
Mammut, The North Face, Haglöfs and Arc'teryx have great hardshell jackets and pants that are optimally equipped for skiing.

Suitable, stylish and with many functions

In addition to the functions, the appearance is of importance in snowboarding and Freeride clothing. Tour apparel however, offers maximum ventilation and technical features. But what do women and men actually need? And what does it depend on?
These questions cannot be answered easily. First however, the conditions play a role. Skiing along the glaciers in midwinter has different demands than a cozy ski tour at the end of the season.

An effective layer system is also important in ski clothing.

Ski clothing has the task to protect the body from snow, rain, wind and cold. At the same time it is crucial for the wearing comfort, that body moisture can escape. In order to achieve this, perfectly matched functional fabric plays a huge role - and this for ski jacket, ski pants, the mid layer and the ski underwear!

  • The outer layers consisting of the ski pants and ski jacket, are waterproof, windproof and breathable. Different membrane materials, such as Gore-Tex are common place here.
  • Since ski underwear is worn right on the skin and forms the first layer in the system, their main task is to absorb sweat immediately and pass it on. The fabrics used are all very soft and highly functional. Friction free, flatlock seams, odor-inhibiting properties and an optimal fit are other important features.
  • Depending on the weather, the next layer is an insulated jacket. At most times an ordinary fleece jacket made from high quality Polartec is enough, whilst at crisp cold temperatures, a thin down jacket or synthetic fibers jacket might be needed.
  • For ski tours or slope rides in dry, clement weather, the combination of a windproof softshell jacket or windstopper with softshell pants is in many cases sufficient. Their elastic fabric is water repellent and provides sufficient protection against moisture.

Additional details about ski and snowboard clothing

Manufacturers know exactly what functional jackets and pants for skiing and snowboarding are needed. Their extras are optimized for use in snow and provide reliable protection and comfort.
Ventilation zips are ideal for tourers during strenuous tracking, or for fast descents on the slopes. They allow for an occasional letting off of steam and excess heat.
Integrated gaiters and an edge protector made of sturdy material such as Cordura, ensure a clean finish on the boots and prevent snow from coming into the pants.
Good jackets have an integrated snow gaiter, or can be connected to the ski pants with a zip, to create a single unit.
For personal safety on the terrain, Recco reflectors and separate pockets for a beacon or emergency phone are provided.