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The format 15/16

60 national and international bouldering gyms battling for victory. To the victor goes not only the spoils and the respect of the European bouldering scene, the gym also receives a wildcard for the next round.


Each gym will bolt 60 or 100 qualification boulders for the participants, covering all difficulty levels. The qualification phase will take place between October 2015 and January 2016. Go to your local gym to find out exactly when you can get to grips with your qualification boulder.

At the end of each qualifying round the best 14 guys and the best 7 girls advance to the regional battle.

The regional battles

Several gyms from within a region will come up against each other to battle for a place in the final in Wuppertal. It is up to the gyms to decide amongst themselves, where the battle will take place. Another 40 boulders will be bolted for the participants to battle against one another.


Each completed boulder is worth one point. A boulder will be scored as “completed” or “not completed”, as simple as that. The number of attempts required for an ascent will not be counted and do not affect the score. The points of the best 18 starters of each team (must include at least 6 girls) will be added together to give the team score.

Qualification for the final in Wuppertal

The group winners and runners-up qualify for the final. Third place may also qualify, depending on the number of participating gyms in a group. The 10 best starters (must include at least 3 women) of a battle team form a gym’s final team for the final in Wuppertal. If a qualified starter is unable to participate in the final, another starter from the battle team may be nominated to take his/her place according to the original rankings.

Final and Superfinal

As always, the final will be held in the DAV Kletterzentrum (climbing center) in Wuppertal. Between 12:00 and 18:00 the 18 starters of each gym can collect points for their gym on the 40 final boulders. After 18:00, the points will be added together.

At the end of each qualifying round the best 14 guys and the best 7 girls advance to the regional battle. The best 6 teams qualify for the final. Each team in the super final will consist of 4 men and two women. The Superfinal will consist of 6 boulders, which will each be tackled by one participant per team.

The superfinal will start at 20:00 in the Schwimmoper in Wuppertal. Those who can’t be there in person can stream the event live, here on the Bergfreunde website.

Participating gyms

  • Kletterarena Heilbronn
  • Salon du Bloc Hamburg
  • Linie7 Bremen
  • RockTown Kaiserslautern
  • Kletterarena Heilbronn
  • Boulderwelt Regensburg
  • Camp4 Zweibrücken
  • Der Kegel Berlin
  • Kletterfabrik Cologne
  • Boulderwelt Munich East
  • Boulderwelt Munich West
  • E4 Nuremberg
  • Arena Vertikal Troisdorf
  • Boulderwelt Frankfurt
  • Boulderplanet Cologne
  • Stuntwerk Cologne
  • Moove Boulderhalle Aachen
  • Studio Bloc Pfungstadt
  • FlasHH Hamburg
  • Greifhaus Braunschweig
  • Oldenbloc Oldenburg
  • UP Kletterzentrum Oldenburg
  • Bright Site - Berlin Boulderhalle
  • Blockhelden Erlangen
  • B34 Beilngries
  • Boulders Island Mannheim
  • B12 DAV Boulderzentrum Tübingen
  • Boulderhalle Rosenheim
  • Eifelblock Koblenz
  • Schlüsselstelle Jungs Boulderhalle Siegen
  • Dynochrom Frankfurt
  • Hochschulsport Roxx Kletterzentrum Göttingen
  • DAV Kletterzentrum Wupperwände Wuppertal
  • Bertablock Berlin
  • Campus Boulderhalle
  • Boulderclub Luxembourg
  • Monkeyspot Düsseldorf
  • Monolith Münster
  • DAV Kletterzentrum Stuttgart
  • Boulderhaus Heidelberg
  • Climbix Boulderhalle Bielefeld
  • Ostbloc Boulderhalle Berlin
  • Bloc Hütte Augsburg
  • Boulderhaus Darmstadt
  • Einstein Boulderhalle Ulm
  • DAV Kletterhalle Freising
  • Vertical World Kassel
  • Boulders Habitat Bonn
  • Boulderkitchen Freiburg
  • Bloc No Limit Leipzig
  • Hueco (France)
  • Klättercentret Solna Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Klättercentret Telefonplan Stockholm (Sweden)
  • TheArch Climbing Wall / The Biscuit Factory (England)
  • Blockfeld AG Winterthur (Switzerland)
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