Hard Moves in Hannover

Hard Moves in Hannover. Photo: Nicolas Altmaier

The long wait finally comes to an end – HardMoves is alive and bigger and better than before. The who’s who of the German bouldering scene met up in Hannover yesterday. Here are some highlights of a spectacular opener and a taste of what’s to come this season.It has to be said; if you weren’t there, you definitely missed out, because this particular Saturday will be spoken about in the bouldering scene for a long time to come. The day began with a nice brunch for the gym operators. They had traveled from all over the country to make an appearance and there were even representatives from Sweden and the Netherlands. During the breakfast the format for next season was presented to the hall operators, introductions were made for those who didn’t already know each other and questions regarding the conduct and organization of HardMoves were answered.

The format – much the same

Hard moves were on show. Photo: Nicolas Altmaier

After announcing that HardMoves was back in business at the OutDoor trade show in 2014, it was clear that the number of participating gyms would be far greater than the previous season. But because Wupperwände only has space for 25-30 final teams, the organizers had to come up with a plan.

Regional Battles

Each gym needs to take place in a preliminary regional round before the final. Gyms from within a region will face off against each other and only one will make it to the final in Wuppertal in March 2016. The regional battles will take place in February 2016. The regional battles will be decided when we know exactly who has registered, so we can’t tell you who will be facing who yet.

Impressive boulderers in Hannover

After the brunch, the curtain was raised on the small Boulder Cup. The HardMoves team had decked both halls of the Escaladrome with easy to relatively hard competition boulders.

The female contingent of the “bolt team” for the boulder cup in Hannover. Photo: Nicolas Altmaier

And difficult really did prove to be difficult at times. Even Nalle Hukkataival had difficulties here and there. But the field coped very well and the Boulder Cup was of a very high standard, and the less-capable boulderers also got their money’s worth. The Boulder Cup ended in a thrilling finale in which not all boulders were completed, one was completed by just one woman and the others were completed by Daniel Jung in the dark, amazingly, after the attempts were actually over and everybody had turned their attention to the presentation ceremony. Funnily enough, his subsequent attempts in the light just wouldn’t work for him. The victory went to the hosts, Hannover.

Why Hannover?

This likeable gym had the most participants on the previous season. This not only helped them reach the final (if there is a tie, the gym with the most participants advances), it also gave them the season opener for the 15/16 season. And the decision to award the season opener to Hannover was absolutely justified. The gym not only meets all the requirements for such an event, the team lead by Susanne and Marc manage to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where you immediately feel at home and they make it look so easy. You can tell straight away that a lot of love goes into running this gym. Many thanks to the Escaladrome team for the wonderful day, you did a magnificent job!!

The motto

All that’s left to do is to let you know about the motto for the coming season. The event organizers though long and hard before finally deciding upon a motto. When they suggested it to us sponsors (Bergfreunde, Five Ten and Black Diamond), we agreed immediately, because this motto really lends itself to a lot of ideas.

Fight Club


Finally, we would like to thank the Escaladrome team, the organizers in Wuppertal who have done a great job organizing the event and all participants who make the event come to life. If the upcoming events are anything like yesterday’s event in Hannover, then we really do have a great year of bouldering ahead of us.

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