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The HardMoves Boulder League is heading into the next round

The bouldering scene has been waiting two years for a new round of the HardMoves Boulder League. It is finally here - and Bergfreunde are on board!

We are very pleased. No, scratch that. We are honored to be participating in this event. As one of the three main sponsors, our main task is of course to provide financial support for the event. But for us it is much more than that.

So we decided to support some friends of ours at a participating gym in Berlin. The Berta Block bouldering gym is sending an unofficial Bergfreunde team into the competition. Find out how that is taking shape and all other news coming out of the Berta under the Bergfreunde and the Berta Block tab.

Under news you will find regular updates about the tournament. Everything from interesting articles from our base camp to news from the HardMoves headquarters in Wuppertal.

We are also really looking forward to streaming the super final live on the Bergfreunde website. There is a placeholder there at the moment where you can watch HardMoves videos throughout the year. On the day of the final we will be broadcasting live from the historic Schwimmoper indoor swimming pool in Wuppertal for all those who can’t be there.

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