Hardmoves are back!

We’re back!!!

This is what the bouldering scene in Germany and Europe has been eagerly awaiting.The HardMoves Boulder League is back!!!! The 15/16 season offers numerous gyms in Germany and Europe the opportunity to compete against one another. The final will be held in the customary venue, the spectacular Schwimmoper swimming pool in Wuppertal. Expect wet feet, twitchy bums and misty eyes.

The story so far...

The last we heard from the HardMoves Boulder League in 2013, was that they wanted to take a break to recover from an exhausting 12/13 season and to gather strength and resources for another season. The fact that they needed to recover was to be expected. They put together something amazing, something which would not have been possible without the countless volunteers. However, no-one wants to overburden volunteers, so the organizers in Wuppertal took time to look for partners who want and are able to support the Boulder League not only financially, but also with passion and know-how. These partners must also understand that the character of the HardMoves Boulder League is invaluable and must not be changed. What followed were discussions, e-mails, a few meetings, a few beers, a few hours on the train and finally a meeting with Bergfreunde in Kirchentellinsfurt a few weeks ago, where the agreement was reached. It was confirmed: Black Diamond and Bergfreunde are joining as partners.

The super crew is complete

What’s next?

We briefly considered jumping straight in with a complete Boulder League in 14/15, but then we decided we’d rather do the job properly and take another year to make sure we give you a really great event. But so that you don’t have to go completely cold turkey until then, we have got a little opening event coming up for you in the winter. The new edition of the Boulder League starts properly in the 15/16 season and ends in the usual manner in a super final in the historic Schwimmoper in Wuppertal in 2016.

Never change a running system

The format of HardMoves will not change, a certain number of bouldering gyms (no, the number is not yet known) will go through qualification together and will then meet in the final and the best teams will then come up against each other in the the rowboat

A spectacular super final is a guarantee at the Schwimmoper in Wuppertal

Who else is on board?

Obviously, the three of us alone can’t pull of such a huge event, so we are very pleased that proven partners from previous Boulder Leagues are also on board once again. T-Wall and Bänfer, for example, will be instrumental in setting up the walls for the final and the superfinal. On top of that, loads of friends and helpers have volunteered once again. We’re really looking forward to taking part and being a part of the future of such a cool and wonderful event. We also look forward to working with the guys at Climb-Inn, especially Christian and Arndt, and Black Diamond, Bänfer, T-Wall, the Ministry and anyone else who is on board. Find more information on the HardMoves Boulder League on the event page on Facebook and a summary every now and then here in the base camp. Direct contact partner for questions about the event and organization is Christian Popien, Climb-Inn Klettersport GmbH & Co. KG in Wuppertal.

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