Covid-19: our updates & tips
You can find all current news about deliveries from Evri here.
We’re still here for you around the clock with all our usual shipping, delivery and payment options!
Plus, we’ve even extended our returns policy to 100 days.
Activities at home & alone

Adventuring at home! Our radius may be limited, but our creativity is not. So, why not pitch your tent in the garden, build a campfire and cook some food with the kids or try to build a cosy shelter out of wood and a tarp? Bushcraft is loads of fun for adventurers big and small! And of course, you can find all the right equipment in our shop.

Comfy at home

Even though we don't have a dress code at work and can wear sporty, casual clothes anyway, we Alpine Trekkers have now made ourselves even more comfortable in our home offices. It’s probably safe to assume that a lot of other people working from home don’t have this luxury and sport a dress shirt to look presentable in front of a camera and stick with tracksuit bottoms or pyjamas for their lower half.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for slippers, a hoodie or tracksuit bottoms, we’ve got just the thing to make you feel as comfortable as possible at your desk or on the sofa!

What we can do now

What we can do now

Support your local shops!

Before we give you our top tips on what you can do with your free time now, or how you can really make the most out of your home, we would like to give you a little advice: If you like the idea of gardening or would like to order a book that we recommend, check out your local shops. They may be offering delivery now! That way, you can do them a huge service and don’t have to order from large corporations or online department stores.

As a result of store & restaurant closures, there are so many cities now that have created regional directories where you can find retailers and restaurants with delivery services you can order from online or by phone. Have a look at the retailers, pharmacies, markets, bookstores or restaurants in your town that deliver to your home! All you have to do is search the good ol’ internet for "delivery service" and your city.
Volunteer Services

You are not in contact with risk groups and would like to help the people around you? Then take a look at one of the many platforms that organise ways to help out in your city. Or you can hang up a note in your building and offer your help (please make sure to contact them by phone).

Blood donations are also urgently needed at the present time. On the page of your local blood donation venue, you’re bound to find questions & answers about donating blood during the coronavirus outbreak.

People with previous nursing and medical experience are currently in very high demand. So, if you’re studying medicine or have completed a training course in nursing, community service or related medical area, you can register as a volunteer with medical knowledge in many cities or clinics. Talk to your employer, some give their employees a few hours off per week or even give them paid leave to support society.

Many foreign farm workers will probably not be able to enter the country in 2020. As a result, workers will be in short supply. If you have time and would like to help, then just google what kind of workers are needed in your region under “seasonal workers corona”.

Scientists currently need help in solving various questions concerning the novel corona virus. Donate computing power and help study protein folding. The programmes run in the background and use the computing power of your computer. More information can be found at and
Tips for when you’re bored

growing plants
baking bread
bike tune-up
photo greeting card
Letter from Alpinetrek

Dear fellow Alpine Trekkers,

We hope you are well, taking care of yourself and your loved ones and still able to find the opportunity to spend time outdoors in a responsible way!

The most important rule in the mountains now applies to everyday life: Don't take any unnecessary risks.
That being said, we’d also like to help contain the spread of COVID-19 not only for the sake of people around the world but also for the sake of our employees* and their families. After implementing more rigid hygiene practices weeks ago, we have decided to transition to a home working as much as possible, as a preventive measure. As for the few employees who are still in the office, they are spread out over all floors and departments in order to maintain the appropriate distance from each other. The shifts in our warehouse have been rearranged in order to ensure that our employees can work without coming into close contact and are at an appropriate distance from one another. In addition, we are refraining from any and all business trips, have cancelled all external visits and have video conferences only.
We are still available without any restrictions

This way, we can ensure that you continue to receive your orders quickly and reliably and that the risk to our staff is kept as low as possible. We have enough in stock to ensure that you can get all your favourite products.
Of course, we’ll continue to be available by email and phone to answer your questions and inspire you with new outdoor adventures!
Returns policy extended

We are well aware of the fact that your local post office could be closed or you can’t leave your house due to the situation at hand. For this reason, we have extended our returns policy to 100 days.

In the meantime, we’re going to keep an eye on the situation, learn and keep you posted. You'll find all current news on the topic here.
Stay healthy and take care of each other!
Matthias, Ronny & your Alpinetrek team
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