Always on the right track with a bike GPS

Bike GPS Devices

A GPS device for bike navigation is a much more reliable alternative to smartphones etc. It's true that smartphones work well in the city, but they often have trouble with the GPS signal in remote, rural areas. Then there's the relatively poor battery life of mobile phones. So cyclists are on the safe side with a fully-fledged navigation device, phone battery is preserved and accessibility is ensured. And don't forget, a bike computer is more robust than the business phone, which is very important in case of a fall or bad weather.

Special features of navigation devices for bikes

As well as protection against splashing water and dust, the readability of the display is of great importance. A bicycle navigation device is being designed to be viewed and operated from the handlebars. Menu navigation is intuitive and the most important functions can be accessed quickly. The display size is optimized to the distance from the handlebar, so that using the touch screen is simple, fast and safe.

What modern bicycle navigation offers

Bulky maps still have their use and maybe even a slight advantage over GPS solutions in the most remote of areas with no power supply. But these days you can even get lightweight, folding solar panels to recharge your GPS device. As well as being equipped with up-to-date cycling maps, bike computers also act as altimeters. Maps include route navigation, attractions and points of interest.

Up to date with updates and tour portals

Connectivity to your home PC is no problem for Garmin devices and synchronization with the internal memory and regular updates for the device and the software are part of the service with the major manufacturers. Tour portals provide various forums with lots of interesting advice and feedback. Another practical feature and a clear advantage over maps is the fact that route navigation can easily be changed for impromptu detours or when the weather turns nasty.

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