Walking day trip checklist

Walking day trip checklist

22. November 2017

So, what do we mean by day trip? Well, a day trip basically means that you don’t have to take all your gear with you, but rather just enough to get through the day until you make it back to where you started. The most important thing is to take enough gear with you for the day (without an overnight stay). Here it is, our walking checklist:


This is what you need

Optional (depending on the trip and time of year)

If you still have room in your pack

The biggest advantage of a day trip? If you forget something on your list, you only have to go a single day without it! Nonetheless, there are a few essentials that you absolutely must take along on your trip. All other items fall under the category of “personal preference” or “weird habits” :-).

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  1. Chris starnes said on 12. November 2017 at 08:01

    I keep spare batteries for head torch and petzal e light for changing batteries or emergencies
    I also have one of the ultralight bivi bags rather than a sheet
    emergency rations I rather have something I really like some people have packed things that they don’t touch unless they really desperate
    Toilet kit

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