GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology: soft and comfortable

7. September 2018


An illustration of the GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology characteristics.

Mit GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology, all you outdoor enthusiasts will be even more comfortable!

GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology increases the comfort of functional clothing from GORE-TEX®. Period! Clothing with GORE-TEX® C-KNIT™ backer technology is a a special kind of three-layer GORE-TEX® construction. It weighs up to 10% lighter and is up to 15% more breathable than previous 3-layer laminates. Of course, as with all of GORE-TEX® laminates, garments with GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology are durably windproof and waterproof as well.

By incorporating this incredibly soft backer technology into the interior of hardshell jackets, they were able to create a garment that is incredibly comfortable, regardless of the activity – be it hill walking, mountaineering, skiing or snowboarding. Thanks to the low weight and smaller pack size, products with GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology can be packed down nicely and stuffed in your backpack or luggage.

The backer makes the difference

An illustration of the GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology construction.

The laminate with GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology is similar to the other 3-layer GORE-TEX® constructions.

In terms of its basic construction, the laminate with GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology is similar to the other 3-layer GORE-TEX® laminates. The super-thin layer of expanded PTFE is glued to the strong nylon outer so that the microporous membrane, which guarantees breathability as well as windproof and waterproof protection, is protected from the outside.

When incorporating GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology into a garment, the inside is bonded to an extremely thin, dense yet lightweight circular knit. This technique reduces both the weight and the volume of the laminate. A nice little extra is that the backer makes it easy to slip it over additional layers of clothing. The soft lining simply glides over functional underwear and warm mid-layers.

Breathable and versatile

An example of a GORE-TEX® jacket with GORE® C-KNIT™

The GORE-TEX® laminate with GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology is both strong and comfortable.

GORE-TEX® outdoor clothing engineered with GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology is extremely breathable, making it perfect for outdoor activities. These GORE-TEX® garments strike the perfect balance between durability and vapour transfer permeability. While hard shells with GORE-TEX® Active laminates achieve a higher level of breathability, they’re much less durable than their C-KNIT™ counterparts. As for GORE-TEX® Pro, these jackets and trousers are extremely durable and rugged but not nearly as soft as garments engineered with C-KNIT™. The incredibly lightweight GORE-TEX® laminate with GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology has the best of both worlds, offering both a high level of comfort and durability.

When adventuring in the mountains or the flatlands, GORE-TEX® garments with this soft backer are perfect. They work extremely well with additional layers of clothing. GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology feels great against the skin, so you can rock GORE-TEX® jackets engineered with GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology with a functional short-sleeved shirt, if you wish. Of course, if you wear a functional long-sleeved shirt and warm mid-layer made of fleece, the GORE-TEX® fabric will ensure that moisture is quickly drawn away from the body as well.

GORE-TEX® textiles with GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology are a great option for trekking and hut trips thanks to their backpack-friendly pack size and extremely low weight. They’re act as a great back-up to keep in your pack, just in case you run into some inclement weather.

Proper care to keep outerwear functioning properly

To ensure that your GORE-TEX® garment with GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology retains its breathable and waterproof properties after wearing it multiple times, you should wash it using special detergent designed for washing GORE-TEX® textiles. Afterwards, apply a new water-repellent treatment to the face fabric to restore the water repellence of the GORE-TEX® shell, if it cannot be reactivated. This will ensure that your GORE-TEX® outerwear has all the performance features for a long time to come!

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