100% genuine threads from other customers of Alpinetrek

How do we handle threads?

How do we handle threads?

We think: nothing is more reliable than the naked truth. Especially when we are talking about equipment and gear, and the feedback of those who have tested it in real life. We work by the following guidelines to offer reliable reports and threads:

Say it as it is!

If any of the gear doesn't do what it's supposed to do – well, then people should know about it. That is why we would never delete a thread simply because it may be negative! Quite on the contrary: we are really grateful about negative feedback, because we don't want to sell things that aren't up to scratch.

We keep an eye on everything ...

We always monitor all of the threads. And with "we" we're talking about our team first of all. But since we can't read every single thread or comment posted at all times, we will be very grateful if you give us some pointers.

Comments are highlighted

Any comments we add to threads published by you, or if we intervene for any reason, you and everyone else will know about – plus we will let you know why we intervened. The author of the thread or comment will additionally receive an information email from us.

We will be keeping the peace ...

No matter what: we will make sure everything stays civil. That is why we reserve the right to delete any threads or comments that could be construed as inflammatory, unlawful, or in breach of copyright. All we ask is that you keep things clean and nice, ok?

Advertising is a no go!

Should we find any blatant advertising in any of the threads or comments, then we will delete them and remove them from the calculation averages for any review. Praise, of course, is always welcome!

You are also free to add pertinent links

Feel free to link any other sources of information or products you have found useful. We do, however, reserve the right to delete any links from threads or comments that have nothing to do with the topic at hand.


If we find a thread or comment that is completely outlandish and is in no way related to the product at hand, then we reserve the right to exclude it from the calculation averages for any review. The thread or comment itself will, however, remain visible with a respective note from us.

The Alpinetrek team is not afraid to show its colors

Any threads or comments added by members of staff at Alpinetrek or from manufacturer representatives will be identified as such. You can therefore clearly see who says what and can form your own opinion on the subject.

By the way: if you want to help keep the quality of the threads or comments high, then you can use the 'Helpful' function to highlight particularly helpful comments or threads. We will similarly look at every thread or comment you report as unsuitable.

All in all: let's all have fun with the threads and comments published by other Alpinetrek customers. And if you feel you have something to say ... then say it!

Any questions? Our customer service will be happy to help.

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